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Formerly Centre d'Espoir pour Filles et Femmes.
Now is become, Fontaine d'Espoir pour Filles et Femmes.





We joyfully welcome you to our website in the hope that we may join in our common concerns and our desire to overcome injustice.  The Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women is a non-governmental organization seeking to aid the women and girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire.)  The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country torn by war.  Armed conflicts rise in the city streets and while many men have been targets of brutality, women and children especially fall victim to unjust and atrocious violence.   In Congo, the female sex is considered more as a slave than a human being, and as such are not considered to have human rights. If a woman in Congo was to a   The practice of rape is common both insides prisons and out.   Currently no laws exists that protect women and girls from barbaric aggressions.  Furthermore no refuge exists for these victims to turn to for protection.  Women who have attempted to fight and campaigned for the recognition of rights, have too been silenced by violence.   

            Women rarely receive education to the same status that boys do.  They are married young, under the traditional polygamy, and are considered the property of their spouse.  As such, husbands can freely exercise their power as they see fit, most often through violence.  Rarely are the husbands brought to court for their actions.  Rarely does the press give any attention the woman’s plight, except if it the violence ends in murder.   

It is our belief that the violation of women’s rights are a violation to human rights, and it is a threat to all people, woman or man, adult or child.  We hope to change the seemingly hopeless condition of the woman in Congo.  We hope to provide a refuge for women, and to campaign for their recognition as human beings who deserve to be fought for and protected.


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