Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women
Girl - Mother
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Programme of life


Does the life of mom give you little time to make choices for him? 
You have the taste to give a progress report on the situation and to fix you new goals in the life? 
You are provided education for little or without particular occupational qualification? 
You have tent a return to the studies or work without success?

Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women:  aim to the improvement of the living conditions of the young unmarried mothers (14-25 years) and supports their efforts to leave insulation and poverty. 


Come to blow a little and create links of the links with other young unmarried mothers at the time of our activities from group.  A service of guarding is offered on the spot to amuse the toddlers. 


- To break the insulation of the young unmarried mothers,


- To offer a place of valorization, mutual aid and Community implication,


- To offer a support necessary has the definition of the personal, school and/or professional project. 


- To offer housing subsidizes to self-manage. 



This formation is addressed has you! 


From one 24 weeks duration and has partial time, the formation enables you to define the stages carrying out has your project of life (socio-professional or school project) in a climate of exchanges between young mothers by: 


- workshops of recognition of oneself

- a step of orientation

- workshops of mathematics or

- training courses of professional browsing

- visits of the mediums Community

- an individual follow-up

- workshops of kitchen, health and much of others...

Cultural group

Help us to Help others!