Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women
Becoming a Member or Partner
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We are always to look for persons,  non governmental organizations, the churches... Of everywhere in the world, interested to join  to our organization so that together were able to defend our just cause.

Who Can Join?

We invite all person interested on the objectives and missions that we are ourselves assigned and consantrated our efforts to join  to us. Members are be capable to sacrify a lot of the times to participate and do the difference in the organization.


Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time when we get together. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause.

How Can You Join?

To join us, we require you to take your time in rebdant visits or while writing us. We need your contact in writing to become member, partner, donnateur or partner. Please to contact us to have amplest informations.

Help us to Help others!