Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women
Our Purpose and Mission
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Here are the goals and the missions of the Organization, the Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women (F.E.F.F.) thus although our programs.


The Organization Purpose

The woman occupy irrefutably a second role in the society of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaire). Indeed, the sort of Congolese women do not constitute of the all a preoccupation for the government. Taken between the fire of fights without thank-you to be able it, the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are abandoned to their sad sort. In this mood genocide terror , the case of Congolese women can appear as a detail facing the humanitarian disaster that result in this very moment.

The lack of work beats his full, the famine has attains his higher level, a family gives itself to eat rotary, the girls that sell their body (prostitute themselves) to win their daily bread, the families do not have means to pay the studies to their children thus the rate illiteracy do not stop is growing daily and criminality beats his record. But for the Centre hope for Girls and Women, that will not be never! For the respect of children and women this region, pass also by the respect unconditional of the one that give them birth!

Seeming all what precedes, we have decided the creation of the Non-Governmental organization, for the Rights and the liberty of the women, her Protection, her sexual Independence and her self-sufficiency for her Future. Educate a woman this is to educate the whole Nation!


Organization's Mission

  1. Defend and do to recognize the Rights and the liberty of the woman and thel legality of two sexes,
  2. Guarantee her protection lives-to-live opposed sex,
  3. Inform, warn and learn to the girls and to the women be agent moral of their life daily, while being sexually independent,
  4. Furnish necessary means for the self-sufficiency to the woman,
  5. Help the girls to attain the university level,
  6. Give the education to the girls, through workshops, cutting and sewing, tricot age, data processing, cultural troop and theatre, mounting  video film ,agriculture and breading...
  7. Help the girls and women victims of sexual aggressions ,viol, violence, incest. Prevent and construct for them, a shelter (refuge) "To Construct a  Shelter Centre , that will help for them during the period of conjugal and or parental conflicts) in order to assure their protection.
  8. Organize the seminars and the workshops to inform to the girls and to the women of their rights and especially of itself protected against the transmissible sexual diseases and the Aids.
  9. Help the most vulnerable women with a reading (education for adults), a formation of alphabetizing for adults, farming, the breading. Organize seminars on the desired birth (planning family) and the usage of
  10. Visit, console the women detained in prisons and to attend them with an assistance so moral as materially. Plead for them, in while in need.
  11. Give a professional formation to the women for their auto-sufficiency and economical independence.
  12.Create partnerships in the world entire, demand the financial  
assistance and material near of the international institutions, governments, the foundations, the churches, the organizations of the UN, the philanthropic organizations  and the potential donors and the individuals.



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